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Furnace filters

A furnace filter, is it a filter like any other?

The efficiency of a filter for a hot air furnace with air conditioner / heat pump is dependent on its MERV rating, the efficiency measure of a filter. Depending on the environment, one filter is better suited than another. For example, the MERV rating for a residential furnace filter is lower than that of a filter for a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Criteria for selecting a furnace filter

An inefficient filter allows dust to pass which clogs the system. A too efficient filter, which allows too little air to enter, damages the furnace or the heat pump. In both cases, expect repair costs.

The market offers different types of furnace filters, to know what is appropriate, it is necessary to evaluate certain criteria:

  • format: measure the dimensions of the filter of your system
  • type: flat, fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic, etc
  • Efficiency (MERV): industry standard determining the capacity of a filter. The higher the rating, the more efficient a filter

How to get the right combination format-type-efficiency for a hot air furnace with air conditioner or heat pump? Information is the key, and Climatik informs its customers objectively rather than disinforming them on the basis of questionable criteria.

Climatik’s recommendation for a Furnace Filter

Fournaise Goodman

A primary purpose of a filter is to prevent accumulation of residues in the system parts. It is exactly this type of furnace filter that Climatik recommends to its customers.

In the field, Epurair's 99% Super Filtration filter, a Quebec product, represents a choice of value. As described by EPURAIR, this filter is made from a blend of high performance synthetic fibers produced by a patented process.

To order Epurair filters, call us and get a 10% discount on your first order.

When it comes to heating, Climatik offers a one-time service or regular year-round maintenance service contract, whether you are in the residential or commercial sector, as well as an emergency service.

Need to change your furnace filter?

Contact us to order the filters you need or to find out more about all our products.

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