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For the best commercial and industrial heat pumps on the market.

Sale and installation of commercial heat pumps

Climatik sells and installs commercial heat pumps in St-Eustache, Boisbriand, Mirabel, Laval and across the North Shore. To meet the needs of companies, businesses, industries and corporate buildings. Climatik offers the best commercial air conditioning, heating and ventilation products on the market. We also repair and do the maintenance (cleaning and verification) of commercial and industrial heat pumps.

Daikin Commercial Heat Pumps

Climatik offers its commercial and industrial customers Daikin brand commercial heat pumps, which specializes in the manufacture of high performance air conditioning units. To ensure optimum results, all components of Daikin air conditioning systems are designed to work perfectly with one another in buildings containing many rooms, corridors and floors. Regardless of the type of building, Daikin Commercial Heat Pumps provide a comfortable environment and healthy air, while being able to adapt and constantly readjust to fit the needs.

  • Daikin VRV system: for businesses, Climatik offers the Daikin VRV system, a commercial heat pump that allows multizone ventilation with variable air flow regulation. This will allow you to maintain an individual zone control for each room and floor of your commercial building. The VRV system gives you a total solution: heating, air conditioning and ventilation. These systems are perfect for condominiums, hotels and office towers.
  • Sky Air: For small or medium-sized commercial structures, Climatik offers Daikin's Sky Air Commercial Heat Pump, which provides maximum comfort and energy efficiency for all types of small and medium-sized commercial buildings. They offer you total control over heating, air conditioning and ventilation. This commercial heat pump is ideal for restaurants, medium-sized shopping malls or administrative buildings.
  • DDC Rooftop unit system: The DDC Package unit is the new Daikin air conditioning and heating system, with high efficiency compressor including R-410 refrigerant. These Rooftop units will allow your business to benefit from remarkable energy performances. The air exchanger is made of tubular steel and has a double-diameter configuration, which offers the highest levels of heat exchange efficiency. It includes a high-performance compressor, which operates in tandem with an ultra-efficient air coil. Made of copper tubing and aluminum fins, the air coil maximizes the area covered.

Commercial and industrial heat pumps

For industries, Daikin air handling units ensure better indoor air quality and higher energy efficiency. They are available in fully customizable systems or pre-configured units.

Daikin air-conditioning units combine several units per module (section by section) to precisely regulate temperature and humidity in industrial environments and this, in the multiple parts of the buildings. The units can even be made to measure in order to adapt to the requirements of the various buildings. The size of each unit can thus be perfectly adapted to the space to be covered.

These air handling units are designed to ensure optimum energy efficiency, with polyurethane panels, well-arranged filters and numerous energy recovery options.

In addition, Daikin offers a wide range of products that can be installed outdoors, allowing a maximization of usable building space.

Commercial heat pumps in St-Eustache, Boisbriand, Mirabel, Laval, the North Shore

For all your commercial and industrial heat pump needs in St-Eustache, Boisbriand, Mirabel, Laval and the North Shore, contact Climatik. We will be able to identify the commercial or industrial heatpump that will be most appropriate for your business or industry.

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