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Here are some tips that will help you when buying an air conditioner or a wall or central type heat pump.

There are many brands on the market and it's easy to go astray. Trust the brands that have been in the market for a long time, because in case of breakage, you will be able to obtain the warranty service and receive the parts quickly. Climatik is here to answer your questions at any time if you are unsure of the information provided below.

Here are some things to consider when buying:

  • SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio): Seasonal energy efficiency rate (VERY) of an air conditioning unit. The higher the rate, the less the unit will consume energy.
  • WARRANTY: Check if the warranty is offered by the manufacturer and not the distributor or the contractor who installs it.
  • LICENSE: Check if the contractor has the necessary licenses to install the system that he proposes to you.
  • HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor): The heating season's performance coefficient (CPSC) of a heater. The higher the coefficient, the less the unit will consume energy.
  • MANUFACTURER : Check where the unit is manufactured. Some manufacturing countries are to be avoided.


Here are some tips for maintaining your wall or central unit.

You have just moved into a house or receiving your unit and want to know how to do the cleaning. We provide below some tips that you can apply to keep your unit as long as possible. Continuous maintenance will make your device more efficient. If you prefer to leave the task to professionals, Climatik will gladly go to perform the cleaning task.

Maintenance to save energy and reduce costs:

1. Air-conditioned wall system and heat pump (bi-block)

  • Wash the unit's filters inside once a month. They are washable with water.
  • Wash the outdoor condenser once a year, in the spring, with a garden hose. Do it twice a year for a heat pump.
  • Ask for a thorough cleaning by a qualified technician (A) every 3 or 4 years.

(A) Cleaning of the wall system by a technician

  • Interior: Cleaning of evaporator, fan, drain and filters.
  • Exterior: Cleaning of the condenser with muriatic acid, checking of the refrigerating pressures, checking the drain flow and checking the voltage.

2. Electric, gas or oil furnace with central air conditioner or heat pump system

  • Change filters regularly, depending on the thickness of the filter:
    Filter of 1 inch: approximately every month.
    Filter 2 inch: approx. every 2 months.
    Filter of 4 inches: approximately 3 or 4 months.
  • Wash the outdoor condenser twice a year, in spring and autumn, with a garden hose.
  • Request a thorough cleaning by a qualified technician (B) once a year.
  • Ask for cleaning of the ventilation ducts every 6 or 8 years.

(B) Cleaning of the central system by a technician:

  • Interior: Cleaning of the evaporator, fan and drain; checking the voltage and heating elements, changing the filter.
  • Exterior: Cleaning of the condenser with muriatic acid, verification of the refrigerating pressures and verification of the voltage.

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